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Spirit of Skeikampen

Participants in the WC on Skeikampen and the international organization World Triathlon pays tribute Skeikampen and Gausdal for the best winter triathlon championship ever. The organizers from Bergen Triathlon Events hoped for good weather, exciting and fair competitions and a good atmosphere, and together with Follebu Ski Club and Gausdal Skilag got much more.

Already at the opening ceremony it became clear that the championship had brought together participants from 21 nations from 3 continents. President of World Triathlon, Marisol Casado, opened by saying that finally the WC winter triathlon was at home, where the winter sport is stronger than in any other country, and she hopes that Norway will forever be central to the athletes. In the first competitions in the duathlon on Friday, Skeikampen Finally tried the ski arena as an arena, and the feedback was that the slopes and preparation were extremely good. Together with over 600 children, adults and students from the schools in Gausdal and Lillehammer Læringssenter, the atmosphere was first class.



All photos were taken by Filip Petrik.

On Saturday came the toughest weather conditions with snow and wind, but also what shows how fantastic winter triathlon can be. Cycling on snow at over 50 kilometers per hour while the snow whips against the body created a championship for history. It naturally warmed the home crowd in Gausdal when Hans Kristian Tungesvik stormed to the men's gold medal and Ingrid Lorvik secured silver behind Italian Sandra Mairhofer.






All photos were taken by Filip Petrik.

Norway became the winningest nation on its own snow, while Romanian Robert Tamirjan received the honorary Spirit of award Skeikampen on the last day of competition in glorious Gausdalsvær after his fifth WC gold in winter triathlon paraclass PTS4.







All photos were taken by Filip Petrik.

More pictures, all results and other information can be found at World triathlon.

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Shuttle traffic

Shuttle traffic is organized on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are bought in the kiosk at the arena. Weekend pass shuttle bus: NOK 150

At the weekend, participants from 21 nations come to Skeikampen to participate in the WC in winter triathlon. The program includes both running and cycling

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