Skeikampen showed from his very best side when history's first Norwegian winter triathlon championship was organized on Sunday 19 February. Brilliant sunshine, sparkling surfaces, and the organizers got answers to many of their questions.

- On the whole, we became a lot wiser, says Tormod Bjerke, who is sportingly responsible for the WC, which will be held from 23 to 26 March.

First of all, we tested the logistics, the stadium, the tracks, the finish line and, not least, the changing zones. This worked very well, and we know what steps to take towards the WC. We also got to test the new events house, which is right next to the finish line. It is an enrichment for us as organisers, and will make the whole event easier, says Bjerke, who brought many officials with him who also gained valuable experience.

Great feedback

There were many participants who reached the finish line with a smile on their faces in this championship. Both winners in the senior classes belong to the world elite, and both women's winner Ingrid Lorvik and men's winner Hans Christian Tungesvik were delighted with both the trails and the event.

- Yes, this was really fun. We are already looking forward to the WC, Tungesvik said.

A number of adjustments will of course be made towards the WCH, but the most important answer the organizer received is that there is enough space.

- We will probably make some adjustments inside the area itself, but we already have good solutions for that. We are also very happy with the basic preparation that has been done, and not least the response we have received in relation to trail combinations. It has been fun to hear, says Bjerke.

The complete list of results can be found at EQ timing.