As organizers of the World Winter Triathlon Championships, we are committed to ensuring a sustainable implementation. Skeikampen, with its snow-proof location, is the perfect arena for winter sports. Athletes and the public get a unique opportunity to experience a physically challenging and exciting sport in the winter landscape.

But it's not just the location that matters Skeikampen to a special place for the world championship in winter triathlon. It is also a strong local commitment that makes the event a success. Local upper secondary schools volunteer and contribute to creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

As organizers, we must also ensure that the environment is protected as much as possible through cooperation with local businesses. We have secured environmentally friendly bus transport and accommodation at Skeikampen, and works closely with companies that want to handle the waste in a sustainable way.

The World Championship in winter triathlon at Skeikampen is an example that large sporting events can be both entertaining and sustainable. We follow World Triathlon's sustainability guidelines, which ensures that the environment is taken care of throughout the event.

We encourage all participants to follow sustainable practices and minimize their individual impact on the environment. This event should not only provide benefit and pleasure, but should also have a positive and lasting impact on our society.

Experience an exciting and challenging sport. Join the world championships in winter triathlon at Skeikampen and experience this unique combination of sports, nature and sustainability!

Climate and environmental considerations

We have an obligation to care for our planet, and that includes doing our best to reduce the climate footprint of the Winter Triathlon World Championships. We have therefore entered into close cooperation with local businesses that share our, and World Triathlon's, vision of a sustainable future.


We encourage performers and spectators coming from outside to use the train from Gardermoen to Lillehammer in order to reduce emissions from individual means of transport. We will then offer shared transport by bus and shuttle taxi to make it easy and efficient to get to the event. The arena is within walking distance of the organization hotel.


We are proud to work with local businesses that help minimize our climate footprint. Gausdal Taxi and Inlandstrafikk helps us coordinate the transport, while Lillehammer Lift have delivered our arena equipment. This is local business that provides short travel distances and strengthens local commitment. We are also grateful for the support from Eidsiva which helps to deliver reliable grid and electricity, and Embers which ensures responsible handling of waste.

Sport 1 Skeikampen will be our official sports shop and will offer a range of services to athletes during the event. Among other things, there will be a lubrication booth available during the event itself, where athletes can get help lubricating their skis and maintaining other equipment. This helps to reduce waste and promote sustainability, while the athletes can focus on performing at their best.

Our shared responsibility:

We believe that each of us can make a difference when it comes to the environment and climate. Therefore, we encourage all participants and spectators to join our efforts to reduce our footprint. For example, you can choose to travel by public transport, use bins correctly and avoid single-use products. Together we can make a difference and contribute to a more sustainable future!

Social sustainability

Social sustainability is an important part of the World Cup, and we as organizers are particularly concerned with creating a society where everyone feels included and belongs. We believe in diversity and collaboration as the foundation for a sustainable society, and this is reflected in our work to create a socially sustainable event.

We are happy for the large local community that has been involved in making this event possible Skeikampen. We have worked hard to include and engage as many people as possible, from the youngest to the oldest. Some of the measures we have taken to promote social sustainability include:

  • Free transport and entry for local primary schools. We would like to give local youth a chance to experience the championship and perhaps find inspiration to follow their dreams.
  • Free transport for children and parents from Ukraine and Syria through cooperation with Lillehammer Learning Centre. We want to give children and their families who have had challenges and may not have had the opportunity to participate in international events a chance to experience something new and exciting.
  • Local high schools stand up as volunteers during the event. We want to give young people an opportunity to participate in a global event and learn about new cultures and sports.


Together we can create an inclusive and diverse event that will leave a positive impact not only on our planet, but also on the people who participate. We want this championship to be more than just a sporting event, it should be an opportunity to build bridges between communities and cultures and celebrate the best in us all.