Welcome to you who want to cheer on the athletes!

Join the WC party in Gausdal. This will be a unique event with a great atmosphere. 

Bring a flag and a bell, and a good mood.  

The competition area is compact and easy to overview - this will be an exciting and action-packed experience - in addition, the event will be televised and you as the audience will have the opportunity to appear on TV. 

Feel free to come on skis or take your toboggan board with you, there will be opportunities to get comfortable on the slopes and experience the drama up close. In addition, a separate cozy area will be created for those of you who are in the audience, where fire pans and bales of straw will be set up. For the children, their own fun children's activities will be created for them to participate in and have fun.  

This is an event that is adapted for young and old, and for those of you who have a disability or who need a little extra help.  

In addition, there will be facilities such as toilets, serving food and drinks - there are short distances to the local shops, coffee bars and the sports shop. 

For those of you who are not going to live in Skeikampen you can easily use public transport from Lillehammer public transport station and/or Segalstad bridge up to Skeikampen, and home again. For those of you who have a car, there will be a separate car park available for the public.