At the weekend, participants from 21 nations come to Skeikampen to participate in the WC in winter triathlon. The program includes both running, cycling and skiing. Friday is a duathlon with skiing and running.

Here you will find more information about the organizer.


The arena is the new one Skeikampen Arena located within the entrance to Skeiporten. There are plenty of parking spaces here, but for the cabin people, we recommend that they take up their skis and use the fantastic network of trails on Skeikampen to get to the stadium. It is entirely possible to move around the trail on skis, even on your feet, but then the stadium area is recommended. There will be plenty of space, activities and entertainment here. The organizer will have its own kiosk where it is possible to buy both hot food and cold drinks. Admission is free every day.


TV-2 will be in place, and will broadcast from all days, but the big highlight will be the elite class for ladies and gentlemen on Saturday. Here, the Norwegian athletes will surely fight for the title on home ground. Here you will find more information about the program.



 It is the first time that a WC in winter triathlon has been held Skeikampen which is one of Norway's most famous winter sports venues: read more about Skeikampen here.


Skeikampen organized the National Championships in winter triathlon earlier this year. You can read more about that here.


If you are going to participate, you will find participant information here.