Greetings from Skeikampen!

On Sunday I participated in the national championship in Winter Triathlon here at Skeikampen. The same venue where the World Championships will be held in 5 weeks time. The conditions were as good as it ever gets in a winter triathlon. The sun was shining, the temperature was a couple of degrees below zero and the snow was so firm that I even pulled out the famous supertuck on the fastest downhill. Luckily that move is still allowed in triathlon!

Since I started in my first Winter Triathlon World Championship in 2010 as an under23 I have only missed one world championship (2022 due to covid restrictions) and I can say that this will be one of the best Winter Triathlon championships I have participated in. The tracks are FIS-approved for cross country skiing at the highest level and have a very high quality. And the backdrop with the Skei Mountain makes the scenery set for some really nice pictures. Just remember to smile when you see someone with a camera!

And for those who will support and cheer rather than compete Skeikampen is one of the more popular winter resorts in Norway where you can enjoy both alpine skiing and endless cross country ski tracks in the mountains.


Looking forward to seeing the winter triathlon family at Skeikampen in March for some great days of winter triathlon fun!

Øivind Bjerkseth

Øivind Bjerkseth on his first 5.4 km run.
Øivind Bjerkseth on his 10 km on the bike.
Øivind Bjerkseth and Hans Christian Tungesvik on their last 10.4 km skiing.
Elite women: 1. Ingrid Lorvik, 2. Julie Meinicke, 3. Ine Skjellum
Elite men: 1. Hans Christian Tungesvik, 2. Fredrik Sschwencke, 3. Øivind Bjerkseth & Anette Brurås (president of the Norwegian Triathlon Association)